LVP engineering

Location: Temse

Year: 2016

Warehouse with underground parking

Growing on a limited space. For LVP Engineering from Temse this is a fact. After they had already brought in Vulsteke Commercial buildings for their office buildings, they called them a second time for the extension of their site. The existing site expanded with an additional warehouse, extensive office space and underground parking.

Smart use of space

The new industrial building is a stylish combination of precast concrete and steel construction. To make maximum use of the excellent location of the current company site, the internal research department of Vulsteke commercial buildings designed a building in multiple layers. Including the industrial construction itself, of course. The underground parking lot can accommodate up to 18 cars. The above-ground warehouse is equipped with an overhead crane. The top floor of the commercial building consists of extra office space. In this way, the available space – 404 square meters –is used in an optimal way.

Fast growth

The business story of LVP Engineering and Vulsteke commercial buildings runs remarkably parallel. Even though LVP is active in another sector. With its own engineers and a private workshop, they manage, with knowledge and expertise, to make a difference for their customers. In only ten years the sales tripled. Thanks to the specialised approach whereby one person acts as single point of contact during the entire process. From quote to completion.

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