Commercial buildings with a personal approach

Thought through, calculated and efficient. Vulsteke Commercial buildings is a family business with nearly 40 years’ experience, 2 generations of knowledge and dozens of own construction experts with internal learning service.

We build your commercial building and think along from the start. Both for the building owners as well as the architects.

Thanks to fast communication, a practical attitude and sustainable choices, we create an industrial construction with an architectural and budgetary added value. We do this for each sector. As such you take maximum advantage of the benefits of cross-fertilisation and a fixed point of contact.

Total concepts and total projects

From design to implementation. From finishing to environment. Just like you, we don’t believe in half work. Therefore, you can enjoy a complete approach from A to Z for your industrial buildings. From foundation to mailbox? For us it is a logical step. In the spacious showroom, you will become acquainted with the materials for industrial buildings.

Complete building team from A to Z

To design and develop your commercial building optimally, we propose to work with a custom-made building team for your project. As such, all parties work constructively together, from the earliest design stage to the acceptance of your plot.

Flexible with challenges

Industrial buildings for SMEs, utility construction for multinationals, sports centres for retail and administration, showrooms for shops and garages. By responding in a flexible way to the needs and wishes of user and architect, we create boundless opportunities for industrial construction.

Sustainable choices

Practical, efficient and sustainable. Each choice is dictated by ease of use and experience. Tailored to your project and preferences, we combine steel construction and concrete construction. Also for spans of more than 50 meters.

Detailed preparation

With or without existing design: our internal research department develops, studies and designs according to your feedback and demand. Each plan is carefully worked out and digitally 3D visualised in BIM (Building Information Model). As such we tackle problem points before they show.

Constant quality

Rapid implementation with consistent quality, regardless of the weather conditions. Thanks to the precise production in the workshop, the prefab concrete and steel structure of your commercial building will fit seamlessly on your site.  

Our approach

1. Active partner

With or without existing plan: in consultation with you as the client or architect, we like to think along from the start.  With practical knowledge and experienced engineers.

2. Fixed price

A price proposal is always clear and as immovable as our commercial buildings. Thanks to a fixed price you never have to face unpleasant surprises.  

3. Turnkey finish

From foundation to finished detail. Your commercial building is delivered completely ready. With all the techniques and finishes. Ready for use.  

4. Certain delivery

We comply to our promises. We set deadlines in order to achieve them. Always and everywhere. An agreed delivery time is sacred.

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Our history

From milking machine to commercial building

Sometimes life can be strange. Luc Vulsteke started at 21 years old as a wage earner and representative for milking machines. Suddenly, he gets the question to make stable construction. He does this until the supplier can no longer follow the demand: it is time to take matters in his own hands, with the help of his wife Hilde.

For all sectors

Word-of-mouth ensures that Luc Vulsteke is growing rapidly as a contractor. The first employee is a fact and next to agriculture, construction has started for SME’s from all sectors and industries.


A small construction trailer as a starting base to a brand-new office. The old barrack that serves as head office is exchanged for a modern commercial building with associated production halls. After just a year, the workshop is expanded. A year later, another new workshop is added.

A new generation

With the arrival of Nickolas, a new generation makes its entrance in the family business. Luc remains at the helm, while Nicolas prepares the company for new challenges and a lasting growth. Four years later, daughter Evelien enters the story.

Lasting expansion

What once started as a small one-man business, today has become a renowned building company with many dozens of employees and construction experts. Thanks to the continuous investment in knowledge and people, an extension of the office becomes necessary.